What is it?

Pacemaker and Defibrillator testing reviews the device function and its settings to ensure optimum performance.

For any patient enquiries please speak to your cardiologist or contact Mildura Cardiology by phone (03) 5023 8111. 

Procedure information

What to bring

+ Device appropriate ID Card
+ Any concession cards including Medicare and private health fund cards


+ No special preparation is needed to undertake pacemaker/ICD check


+ With patient is seated the PRM device communicates with the pacemaker/ICD in the body via radio waves from a wand held over the implant site. In effect, working much like clicking a television remote to change the channel

+ The cardiac technician uses the programmer to read the information
stored in the pulse generator’s memory since the patients last visit

+ During the check up the doctor and cardiac technician will determine
if the device detected or treated any abnormal heart rhythms and will
check the battery


+ A Report will be generated and sent to patients general practitioner on the same day procedure performed


+ Your Cardiac nurse will arrange a follow up appointment