What is it?

Cardioversion is the passing of an electric current through the heart muscle with the aim of returning your cardiac rhythm to normal. This treatment is commonly used for patients with atrial fibrillation or atrial flutter.

For any patient enquiries please speak to your cardiologist or contact Mildura Cardiology by phone (03) 5023 8111 or email admin@milduracardiology.com.au 

Procedure Information

What to bring

+ Any concession cards including Medicare and private heath fund cards.
+ All current medication in its original packaging.

* For all procedures requiring overnight stays, please ensure you bring with you night attire, including dressing gown, non-slip slippers and toiletries.


+ You will be required to fast from food and drink for 4 hours prior to your admission

N.B. Patients taking Warfarin must undertake a INR blood test 24 hours prior to admission


+ your cardiologist, anaesthetist and nursing staff will be present during procedure.

+ A small intravenous line is inserted into your arm. You will be connected to a cardiac monitor, placed on oxygen and administered     with a light anaesthetic.

+ the procedure will be performed whilst you’re asleep

+ Two panels are placed on your chest
(Although, in some instances on paddle may be sited on your chest and the other on your back)

+ At the completion of procedure you may experience drowsiness and some chest soreness. This is a common side effect of the procedure and will subside in time. If pain persists, please consult your cardiologist.

N.B. This procedure will be performed in your room.

Public patients will undergo this procedure at the Mildura Base Hospital, while those patients with private health fund insurance will be accommodated at Mildura Health Private Hospital.


Depending on your procedure, time and recovery you will be discharged the same day or early the next morning provided you’re accompanied by an consenting adult. Your cardiologist will arrange a follow up appointment prior to discharge.

For 24 hours following procedure, it is recommended you do not;

+ Drive a vehicle

+ Travel on public transport

+ Drink Alcohol

+ Sign important documents

+ Use heavy machinery