What is it?

As this procedure suggests, 24 hour blood pressure monitoring records a patients blood pressure over a 24 hour period.

For any patient enquiries please speak to your cardiologist or contact Mildura Cardiology by phone (03) 5023 8111.


What to bring

+ Patients are required to bring request form on the day of testing

+ Any concession cards including Medicare and private heath fund cards

+ All current medication in its original packaging


+ Bathe or shower the morning of test is advised as you will be unable to do so for 24 hours.

+ Wear trousers/skirt and short wide sleeve shirt


+ You will be wearing a small recorder (about the size of a cigarette lighter) either on a strap around your waist or over your shoulder

+ The recorder wraps around your arm, similar to having your blood pressure checked

+ The recorder is programmed to check blood pressure every 15 minutes until 11pm, then it will turn off for 2 hours, recommence at 1am and then check every hour until the device is removed

Post Care

DO NOT:  Get monitor wet ( i.e. no swimming or showering) nor use an electric blanket or magnetic underlay.


+ Please allow three working days for results to be recorded before making a follow up appointment with the referring doctor. Please notify the technician if you have an appointment within three days following procedure. A cardiologist will complete the report.