Medical Student – Wen Huey Goai

My name is Goai Wen Huey, I am a final year (5th year) medical student from Monash University, Malaysian campus. I am originally from Penang, Malaysia, and I am here in Mildura for an elective.

I chose Mildura Cardiology to do my elective because cardiology is one of my options in the future to specialize in.

I was recommended to come here by my senior, Kai Yang, who also did an elective in Mildura Cardiology, and gave remarkable reviews about the clinic.

My hobbies include weight lifting, playing basketball as well as playing music. I play the piano, guitar, and am an amateur drummer.

Mildura Cardiology is definitely a place for you if you have an interest in Cardiology, as all the staff here are extremely friendly and welcoming. They are patient teachers, definitely not shy of sharing their knowledge, and I assure that my 6 weeks here are going to be very enjoyable and beneficial.